Eline® Medical Devices Manufacturers

Customized solutions
for the medical and pharmaceutical industry

Eline® is a leading company in the consultancy and production of high-tech flexible packaging for the medical market. With its entry into the Euronda® group, a significant player in the medical sector operating in over 40 countries worldwide, Eline® has confirmed its crucial role as a producer of rolls and pouches for sterilization.

From conceptualization to the production of optimal packaging, we guide the customer through a tailor-made process that fully addresses specific needs:

  • Type of equipment used and sterilization methods
  • Product dimensions and characteristics
  • Required volumes
  • Material selection and optimal design
  • Printing on the packaging (logos, certifications, instructions, infographics).

We meticulously analyze every aspect to define and provide the perfect packaging solution, all while strictly adhering to regulations and the highest quality standards.



The Eline® Guarantee

Flexibility and reliability: your trusted partner

For our customers, relying on excellent packaging solutions is a fundamental prerequisite to meet market demands and standards. Every packaging solution must ensure product sterility and integrity throughout the supply chain, from production to storage and usage. At Eline®, safety and quality take top priority, as this is the only way we can provide solutions capable of delivering a real competitive advantage.

From the materials used to their processing in a cleanroom, from our knowledge of sterilization to quality standards control tests, we offer only the best expertise and resources. A deep understanding of sterilization, integrity, peelability, and industry regulations enables us to be the right partner and guarantee maximum reliability to our customers, with fast and punctual development, production, and delivery times.

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    360° Consultancy

    A dialogue, technical expertise, industry knowledge, and legislative insight to always guide you towards the best choices.
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    We address your needs with tailor-made solutions that provide significant added value
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    Punctuality, speed, and efficiency in every phase of work, from design to delivery